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In the Blog World, I travel by the name of DawnTreader, which is the name of a ship in The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. You can read more about why at my main blog, Beyond the Lone Islands (another name chosen from the same book).

In another world within the vast Cyberspace - the Harry Potter discussion forum Leaky Lounge - I go by the name of Spectrespecs. Or did. My most active participation there was between 2005-2007.

I found my way to Leaky shortly after the publication of the sixth Harry Potter book, The Half-Blood Prince; and I had a lot of fun taking part in discussions there while waiting for the final book in the series, The Deathly Hallows, published in 2007.

Two years of guessing the end of the story, together with thousands of other readers all over the world, was a "fantastic" experience, in more than one sense of the word. In the end, I was more or less right about some things (I think); completely wrong about others; and am still just guessing about some.

From January 2009, I got caught up in blogging instead - mostly about other things than Harry Potter.  But I also set up this blog to have a place to collect some of my many thoughts connected to these books; instead of just letting all of them all just get buried deep in the vaults of the Leaky Lounge where I won't even find my way back to them myself.

My postings here have not been very regular, and might not be in the future either. I hope, however, that some of the posts here will remain of interest both to already devoted Harry Potter fans and to those who are curious or even doubtful of what others see in these books.

In my first three blog posts (February 2009) you can read more about how I came to be a Harry Potter fan in the first place. These posts are also listed as Introduction Posts in the sidebar, below the Blog Archive.

There is a general Spoiler Warning at the top of the sidebar. However, I do usually also try to give extra warning within a post if I am going to discuss details concerning The End of the story. What I'm hoping to do is to get others to see how much there really is to discover "under the surface" in these books.

Happy Reading!

Monica - a.k.a. DawnTreader -  a.k.a. Spectrespecs


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